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Lifes Little Bumps!

by kgillyard on Wed, 12/19/2012 - 5:35pm

Ok, so its the last week of school before Christmas Holidays. The kids have parties, projects, and now bumps to spare. This was my week: Monday a project where me daughter had to dress as Susan B.Anthony and give a speech - check got a 100 on that! Tuesday night my son hurt his hand- went to the doctor today - sprained wrist - check. Then, this afternoon my daughter hit herself with the door - knot on the head - check.

When it rains it pours - check. God never gives us more than we can handle - yes, it true - although sometimes I wonder what He is thinking. Sometimes I think He is trying remind us that no matter what we plan and organize, He is always in control. I know I forget that sometimes and I am glad God reminds me.

Even though it maybe bad form, I do laugh sometimes when things just seem to fall apart. I used to be the mom that blows up when it all goes to pieces. No I try to remind myself that its moments like these that we should really enjoy, because they will be missed when the kids leave the house. Its like my favorite scene fromthe movie Christmas Story when the dogs eat the turkey and the family ends up in the Chinese resteraunt.

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