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A Lesson About Kids and Apps

by kgillyard on Fri, 12/21/2012 - 3:01pm

I thought I would share a lesson I learned this week about letting my 5 year old watch movies on my Kindle. So, since I have a Kindle my bank account is link up to it so that I can purchase items. I am also have a Prime Membership, so I get some things for free.

Well my eight-year-old has no trouble navitaging the movie and apps stores only choosing those that are free. My youngest however taught me a lesson yesterday.  I helped him pick a movie to watch and soon he came back watching something else. I then told him that he can't change the movie without my help.

So you by now know what he did the next time I handed over the Kindle! Yep, he went movie surfin and racked up a $25 bill. Serves me right for not keeping an eye on him! I wanted to share this with you because one of the most popular gifts for Christmas is electronics. Nowadays you have to link them to an account inorder to purchase even the free apps/movies.

Please be aware that these charges can add up quickly and probably not taken off your bill. If there are parental controls, make sure to set them up prior to wrapping up these items. This goes for cell phones too. Blocking content that your child can purchase or view is also a good way to keep your kids safe from online predators. Kids and teens don't have the same buildt in filter that we do as adults.

Parents can't watch everything our kids are doing, so its always a good idea to plan ahead.

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Kids and apps lesson learned

We learned the same lesson last year, but fortunately it was only a small charge and they did waive it for us. But it is definitely something to watch out for! We now have a password on our Kindle that must be entered before anything can be purchased.