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Who Can Solve The Worlds Problems?

by kgillyard on Mon, 11/05/2012 - 3:05pm

With the election tomorrow we are looking for the best canidate to solve the problems in our country. It never fails that I have heard someone say that they were in office they could do the job better than our elected officials. Well I have finally figured out that there are some people out there that would do a better job then out elected representatives.

I want to reveal to you two groups of people if given the chance, just may have all of the answers. The first would be kids. They are full of energy, have positive attitudes, and willing to keep trying until they find something that works. My mother says that energy is waisted on the youth, but given their driven personalities they need it.  Kids also have positive attitudes, they don't become critical until they are driven to it. They also good judges of character.

Kids are willing to keep trying until either they succeed or have utter failure. My son was talking to my husband one day about getting a horse. Well the fact is, it will never happen. When my husband told him that we didn't have any place for a horse in our backyard for the horse to live, he simply mentioned all we had to do is go to Home Depot to get a large barn for it to sleep in. Makes sense to me!

The second group that could solve the problems in our world are our senior citizens. Ironically, for the opposite reasons kids would make a great choice. Seniors are more patient, they know that good things take time. They are also are a little narrow minded, why, because they know what works and what doesn't through experience.

So, when looking for the right person to lead our country into the future I am looking for someone who has the following qualities: Engergetric but has patience. Open-minded and full of posibilities with a smedge of realism. Basically anyone not between the ages of 21 - 50. It seems during those years we loose our creative sense of adventure, however we end up with experience of years of hard work.

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