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When empty plastic pots are not what they seem

by Traci Schumacher on Mon, 11/19/2012 - 11:11am
Frog traps

Recently, my kids had been playing in the backyard for a while and it was time to come in. I looked to see what they had been up to, and puzzled over all the empty plastic pots seemingly tossed around the yard. What was the sense of that?

When I asked for the pots to be picked up my 6-year-old son strongly protested. That's when I was informed, “Those aren't just pots. They're frog traps.” Oh. Silly me!

My son had noticed, in his quest to catch small creatures outside, that he would often find little tree frogs inside the plastic pots that were stacked up after we had bought and planted some plants. So he separated the pots and set them out as traps in order to catch more frogs.

Impressed by my boy's ingenuity, I let the frog traps remain in place, and he has been surprisingly diligent in checking them. As with any trap, sometimes there is a catch and sometimes not. But apparently it is fun either way.

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