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Love Languages and Children

Love Languages and Children

by kgillyard on Fri, 11/02/2012 - 2:32pm

It is very difficult to determine a childs love language. They are in fact developing it as they would develop any other language or skill. To determine which love language your child could be simply observe them showing their affection to another person. However, its is our job as parents to not speak to our children in love just one love language. We need to speak to them in all of the languages. This is even more true with older childern.

When our children are small we shower them affection and praise, but as they get older we other pick on the negative. No matter what the age of our children are they are always seeking our UNCONDITIONAL love and approval. This is most true when it come to words of affirmation, which turn to words of condemnation. Parents words that condemn last for a life time.

Quality time means giving your child undivided attention. As your child gets older and develops new interests, it is important that you too become involved in their interests. If your child feels that you are genuinely interest in them the quality time that you spend with them can extend even into those difficult teenage years.

Does your child appreciate getting gifts and takes care of them? If so..their love language is receiving gifts. I would have to say this may be one of my childs love languages. My big man loves bringing me flowers from the neighbors yard or drawing a picture that is proudly displayed on my door. For the child who like receiving gifts, remember its the thought that counts. The price does not matter and it does not have to be given daily.

As I mentioned before, my oldest child like to help out around the house. She displays the love language of acts of service. She also loves it when I do things for her, just her alone.

Finally, research has shown theat babies who are handled often develop better emotionally than babies who are not. Did you know that if you adopt a child from certain countries that only the primary care givers are allowed to have contact with them for the first months. This is because while these infants are in the care of orphanges only their bacsic needs are being met due to overcrowding. No matter what age your child is, if their love language is physical touch they will want it no matter how cool they are on the outside. If they are constantly making attempts to touch you, then they want you to touch them back.

Here is an important thing to remember if you have more than one child. Each one has a different love language. You can not stuff each child into the same mold.  It is true that sometimes we often communicate the wrong love language to our children, but no matter their age it is never to late to begin again.  Often misbehavior is a sign that your child's love tank is not being filled.

Good Luck and Good Lovin to you alll!!!!!


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