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Visiting the South Carolina Aquarium

by Traci Schumacher on Tue, 10/02/2012 - 8:48am
Admiring the fish.
Moray eel.

The South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston is a wonderful family adventure about two and a half hours north of Savannah. Our family made the drive this weekend to see the collection of Carolinian critters.

We have visited the aquarium more than once over the past several years, so my husband figured I would not want to buy the family souvenir photo they take upon arrival. But it was actually a must-have for me. See, we have these souvenir photos from the aquarium with my older son in a stroller and with our little guy in a stroller. And this was the first time to have all three kids big enough not to need a stroller. Talk about a keepsake!

Anyway... the current special exhibit is based on Madagascar, so we got to see and learn about lemurs and other cool species. The rest of the aquarium consists of aquatic animals that are native to South Carolina from the mountains down to the coast. Some of our favorites included the entertaining otters, Alabaster the albino alligator, the sharks, and the sting rays in the touch tank.

Amazingly we managed to steer clear of the gift shop this time, painfully aware that the very last thing we need in our home is another stuffed animal. Instead, we treated the kids to a souvenir penny, stamped with their choice of image from the aquarium. The boys each chose the Sandbar Shark picture, while my daughter chose the otter picture. They each have a souvenir coin album at home that they can slide the coins into. What could be better? It's an inexpensive, small, distinctive souvenir for them to remember their visit.

After the aquarium, we drove through downtown Charleston to admire its beauty. Charleston is brimming with excellent eateries, and this time we opted for Boulevard Diner on James Island. The diner specializes in “traditional Southern with a twist,” and my daughter declared it the Best Place Ever after her tuna salad sandwich and red velvet cake.

It was a long and busy day, but filled with all sorts of fun. And we're already scheming about what to do the next time we visit Charleston. For more information on the aquarium, check out their website at

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