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Plan B: when the dog takes the boy for a walk

by Traci Schumacher on Mon, 10/08/2012 - 3:45pm

Sunday morning we found ourselves in the usual last-minute crunch to get out the door and try to make it to church on time (or at least close to it). That's when I noticed my 6-year-old son was missing in action. I couldn't find him in the house, and he didn't answer when I called.

Then I heard the front door open. My son walked in, proudly holding the leash with our boxer at the end of it. Lucy is quite a strong and willful dog, which is why we typically let the kids walk our cocker spaniel instead. Lucy could easily drag a small child behind her and hardly slow down.

“I took Lucy out to go potty,” my son happily declared. I looked at him, standing tall in his nice khaki pants and white collared shirt, ready for church. Then I looked closer and saw the mud streaked across both pant legs and the back of his left shoulder.

My husband asked the obvious question, “Did Lucy pull you down?” The answer was “yes,” but our son didn't seem to mind. He's trying so hard to be bigger every day.

There was no time to change clothes, so we loaded up and headed off to church, mud stains and all. At least they didn't look so bad once they dried. Sometimes things don't go the way I plan, but they work out alright just the same, imperfections and all.

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