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Love Language # 3: Receiving Gifts

by kgillyard on Wed, 10/24/2012 - 2:38pm

Gifts come in all shapes, sizes, and of course prices. If you are person who love to recieve gifts from a loved one for any reason, your primary love language is receiving gifts.  You are a person who appreciates gifts that are purchased, found, or made. Or you may be the person who likes to be the gift giver.

Many people get anxious about gift giving it can frankly be nerve raking at times. One reason may be money. Today more so than ever spouses and parents would lavish their families/partners with gifts, but you are not able to. That is where creativity comes in. Remember to make sure to work within your means. Its the thought that truely counts. Even if you are a saver, remember you are makig an investment in someones elses self-worth and emotional security.

Then there is what in with world does he/she want? Keep track of things that your loved one wished they could have. Make a list of all the gifts given in the past that they were excited about receiving. My kids love these little tablets that you can throw in the bath to change the waters color. One container usually lasts about six months because they do not use it every night. Finally, recuit the help of family members who know your spouse.

The final challenge may also be when do I give these gifts? Spontantly, is essesntial and truefully sometimes an idea comes out of the blue. Don't wait for a special occasion or holiday. On the other hand don't make it predictable.

There is one gift I need to tell you about that is priceless and speaks volumes to someone you care about. It is the gift of yourself. Simply being there on an occasion of happiness or sadness is the most powerful gift of all.  The gift of self is a hard choice because we sometimes put or own needs before that of others. For example, making sure to get to your kids game on time and other special performances rather than watching the game on tv.

Giving gifts to a person whose love language is receiving gifts is giving them a token of appreciation. You should not expect anything in return, except a full love tank. Thus they will be inspired to fill your love tank.

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