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Love Language #1 Words of Affirmation

by kgillyard on Mon, 10/15/2012 - 5:17pm

Words are to inspire...... Verbal compliments are powerful communicators in love.  They are best expressed in simple and straight forward statements. Words of affirmation can not only be told directly to a person, but to others. It does influece your spouse even when positive statements are made to other about people that you love.

Encouragement requires seeing things from the pther person's point of view.  You want to communicate to that person that "I know. I care. I am with you. How can I help?" Not only is it important the words that you say to someone, its the way that is said.  A persons tone and body language have to validate what is being said.

SO, here are some simple steps to begining making genuine words of affirmation a part of your daily routine. First, make a specific list of what your spouse or child does well. Then, use make sure to mention at least two of them a week. I would also suggest you very the adjectives you use. For example, don't use super job everytime.

Something that my mom mentioned to me also goes along with this Love Language- Tell your child daily that you are proud of the for something. Make sure that it something SPECIFIC. "I am proud of the way you wrote so neatly on your homework tonight."

If you haven't Goggled Love Languages yet, there is a website where you can go and take a Love Language test to see what Language is your primary Language.


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Love languages

It really is important to relate to others in their own love language... just like in gift-giving when you choose a gift based on what that person likes instead of what you like. This is a great reminder of how we can use our words to build up our family members (and especially those whose main love language is "words of affirmation")! It also helps in how we relate to everyone, not just family.