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How's Your Life Pace?

by Health and Well... on Sat, 06/18/2011 - 11:51am


Dear Coastal Mommie,

how fast is your train running?  It’s all about you making time for you; it’s all about you knowing when to say enough-is-enough and it’s all about you taking control of your time schedule and getting the things done in your life and not doing everything for everybody else…. because let’s face it, if you don’t take care of yourself to the best of your ability nobody is waiting in the wings to do it for you.

It seems to be ingrained into a woman’s genes that unless everyone else is in tiptop shape then it is her job to make that happen; however, what happens in the meantime is the poor woman is typically run ragged with little energy left for herself and very little time, if any, to devote to the care and keeping of herself.  Living in a world that promotes the upkeep of others first and you left way down on the list does nothing to promote a calm way of living, it does nothing to amend stress in your life and it certainly doesn’t support your healthy lifestyle objectives.  If any of this sounds like a page from your daily book then be sure to read on and delve into ways of spending more quality time taking care of yourself to your utmost ability:

~Say “no” more often: you do not need to agree to chair every event, cater every get-together or help out at all activities; but what you do need to do is pick and choose what is important to you and your family and stay sane in the meantime.  It’s up to you to organize your “yes’.”    

~Ask for help.  Nine times out of ten people have a fabulous heart and would love to help you when you are in need so go ahead and request someone’s aid when needed.    

~Designate a day just for the rejuvenation of yourself.  When you put yourself in your calendar be as serious as you would be for any other appointment and stick to it.    

~Make a poster.  How about you put aside thirty minutes and grab some old magazines and a piece of poster board and create a work of art that inspires self-control of your time.    

~Don’t expect perfection.  You do not have to do every single thing on your list nor do you have to perform to anyone else’s tune expect your own.  Do what works for you.

There’s only one woman who can orchestrate her life in a supportive manner and that my friend is you.  You are the woman who must take control of her life.  You are the woman who must apply the brakes when times get challenging and then you will be the one who reaps all the fantastic benefits that come along with self-care and consideration.  Sounds appealing don’t you think!

Your Coach ~ Deborah

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