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Did I Really?

Did I Really?

by Health and Well... on Thu, 05/12/2011 - 3:09pm

Dear Coastal Mommie;

There’s nothing better than checking up on yourself from time-to-time and being thoroughly aware, like it or not, about what your actions entail and how you are going about your day when it boils down to all the foods and beverages you are consuming.

Sometimes it is a massive eye opener when you put pen to paper and write about every bite you chew and swallow.  It is amazing when you stop before you proceed with your food or beverage choice and truly ponder its need in your life at that very moment and whether or not you absolutely can or can’t do without it.  You see awareness, as with everything else in life, is an imperative tactic and when adhered to and given the time of day is a very helpful tool to encompass.  Check out the multitude of ways you can keep track of yourself and your food/beverage choices:

~Choose one day a week to track your food choices, portion sizes and food balance.  You can change your day from week to week or keep the same one to foster continuity and routine.    

~Measure out food/snack portions.  This endeavor will make you aware of exactly how much your serving size should be and provide clarity on the appropriate amount and calories/serving.    

~Keep track of your day’s food activity in whatever mode is most convenient for you: laptop, cellular phone, iPod, journal, post-it note, scrap piece of paper.  It doesn’t matter in the least what you document your menu on just that you have your history to reflect upon.  By all means make your track of choice convenient and easy to follow-through with.    

~Write down everything that you put in your mouth whether it is food or beverage.     

~Write down the approximate calorie allotment if available so you become concurrent with your input as you track throughout your day.    

~Do the best you can to be accountable to yourself on your chosen day of tracking.

One of the most important aspects of losing weight and keeping it off is that you are completely awake to your movements and actions regarding the input of food/beverage.  This familiarity breeds success for the rest of your life when put into practice and gradually becomes second nature when traveling through your days, months and years ahead in your life.

Your Coach ~ Deborah

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