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Are You Having Enough?

Are You Having Enough?

by Health and Well... on Sat, 05/28/2011 - 2:05pm

Dear Coastal Mommy,

It truly is amazing how powerful this liquid can be and how it can aid in your weight loss efforts.  Like anything else that helps you take steps toward your goals it means you must take action and create the daily habit as it will not concoct itself.  Water absolutely works wonders when attempting to shed some unwanted pound along with many other fine benefits.

With all the wonderful attributes surrounding this zero calorie, inexpensive beverage it seems like a no-brainer that we should literally be swimming in it at times.  If you are experiencing difficulties welcoming water into your everyday life or you just need some reminders on how to make it a little more convenient or enticing to involve water on your journey then why not glance around at the following suggestions and initiate your favorite tips into your life:

~Keep a case of water in your car for constant availability.      

~Consider purchasing a water cooler for easy, fresh access to this beneficial beverage.    

~Make use of the water dispenser in your refrigerator.  If you do not have a dispenser make note of that and consider the benefit when you purchase your next refrigerator.    

~Enhance the taste of your water by adding Crystal Light water flavor packets to your bottle, a slice of lemon, lime or an orange wedge.     

~If large bottles of water have a tendency to overwhelm you opt for the mini bottles.    

~Set your watch/phone alarm to go off every hour as a reminder to hydrate.    

~Bring a bottle of water to bed with you and set it on your bedside table.  When you awake and as you visualize your goals for the day guzzle the water.    

~Each time you use the restroom guzzle a bottle of water immediately afterwards.   

~Set out your ounces of water the night before to help you remember to consume tomorrow.    

~Buy a new and appealing water bottle to encourage your water consumption.    

~Place your water on your desk at work and make an effort to continuously drink your supply.

So how many of the above tactics are you initiating into your regular schedule?  There are so many approaches to including water into your ways of living; however, it does take your movement and commitment to make it happen.  Get on the ball today and keep moving forward.

Your Coach ~ Deborah

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