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Excuses, Excuses!

Excuses, Excuses!

by Health and Well... on Sun, 04/10/2011 - 9:32am

Dear Coastal Mommie;

There is one major element to your weight loss success and it must be present to reap each priceless benefit as you saunter through your days in search of a healthier lifestyle.  What might that be you may ask, a magician’s wand? Absolutely not.  Could it be a fabulous can filled with an enchanting potion?  No, not that either.  OK, how about that all inclusive, faster than the speed of light, astonishing spell?  No.  Take a guess, what do you think the one imperative factor may be?

If you guessed "taking one hundred percent responsibility for your life" you are completely correct.  I know you are fully aware of what it will take to succeed on your journey toward greater well-being. The changes that you are searching for begin on your doorstep, inside your mind and when you take full responsibility for your life amazing things will happen.  Here's what you can do today:

~Gain power over your behavior from the moment you open your eyes and review your goals to each and every food choice you make throughout your entire day to the positive attitude you exhibit.  Accepting full responsibility for your comings and goings is colossal.    

~Win control of your actions, take the risk and make it happen.  It doesn’t matter what your past behavior has dictated whether it be five years ago or just yesterday; right now is your most powerful moment and right now is what you should be focusing on.    

~Craft the right choices and try something new.  Don’t be afraid of altering your course of action; whether it is exercise choices, food selections or saying “no” more often than not to requests for your time and energy.  Everyone begins somewhere and your place is today.    

~Stop placing blame and start taking action.  Be honest with yourself and take the steps that you know darn well are in the best interest of your goals; leave your excuses on the pillowcase. Do not settle for anything less than your best effort; you can persevere and pursue your goals.

Why not view today as a new beginning and not blame anyone or anything for what happens from this day forth.  You will look at yourself, you will create the life you want to lead and there will be no excuses.  You will begin at this very moment in time to live the life you have been dreaming about.  You've always had the power and from this point on, you will choose to act with one hundred percent accountability. Fasten your seat belt, hold on tight and ride with eyes wide open as you enter a new beginning toward the rest of your life just as you've dreamt it to be.

Your Coach ~ Deborah

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