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Downsize Your Eating

Downsize Your Eating

by Health and Well... on Wed, 04/27/2011 - 8:27am

Dear Coastal Mommie;

It’s a fact that women who weight more than their suggested healthy quota (barring any medical issue) typically have achieved that status for one plain reason; they’ve eaten too much food on a consistent basis.  More often than not women tend to shy away from this plain truth and pretend there’s a mystery to solve when it comes to weight loss; there isn’t.

Eating too much food coupled with not enough exercise adds up to the scale creeping higher and your clothes getting tighter.  Take heed of the following ways to eat less and live lighter:

~Go light on the food shopping.  The more options you have in your refrigerator and cupboards the more apt you are to over-consume regardless of its make-up.   

~Drink water.  Water fills your tummy, aids in your ability to feel fuller and curbs your appetite.    

~Cook your own food more often than not and you’ll cut down on your meal size palates.     

~Downsizing your dishes to smaller plates and bowls mean smaller portion sizes and less food.    

~Downscale your utensils and utilize smaller forks and spoon for dining and serving.    

~Portion sizes are typically overestimated so the next time you serve yourself put a little bit back to accommodate for your self-generosity.      

~Be sure to sit down at meal time; do the best you can to simply eat your food and nothing else.     

~Brush your teeth after eating and you will be less apt to go back for seconds or thirds.    

~Unplug at mealtime; no TV, texting, phone calls or computer use until you are finished eating. 

~Slow down and decelerate your pace; you’ll end up eating less and feel fuller faster.    

~Don’t forget to breathe; put down your knife, fork and spoon between mouthfuls.    

~Journal your food choices on a regular basis and become more aware of your food intake.    

~Be aware of your serving sizes and fully attentive to how much you are dishing up; try your dandiest to avoid going back for seconds no matter what.

You are fully capable of initiating the onset of these tiny changes in your daily life; so get moving and make it happen today.  There’s no time like the present to amend your food habits and reap the amazing benefits that come along with being accountable for how much food you eat.

Your Coach ~ Deborah

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And also don't forget to

And also don't forget to downsize the daily meat amount. If you can't reduce it at 0 I would at least recommend a natural chicken. At least you know you are eating healthy food. Not everything you find in supermarkets is good.