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Are You in Control?

Are You in Control?

by Health and Well... on Wed, 03/16/2011 - 12:08pm

Dear Coastal Mommies,

Have you ever had a day when you finally sit down to your evening meal after a long day of non-stop activity; you ponder your progress only to feel attacked by your dinner plate?  The food hits the plate, the fork hits your mouth and the race is on; before you even realize it you’ve plowed through a full plate of food, gone back for seconds/thirds and still don’t feel satisfied.  Sound familiar?

If you find yourself in these types of situations then join the club of many women who find themselves in similar situations all around the globe; though they may not surround your dinner table chances are they are at their own table struggling with food pace troubles just like you.  You are certainly not alone in this predicament and the fantastic thing is there are ways and means for deterring your mealtime crash and rounding out your supportive day in a positive manner.  The following tips promote ways to manage your appetite come dinnertime and hit the sack feeling in full control of your productive day:

~Above all, do not skip breakfast.  Fueling your body when you first wake up plays a critical role in your ability to control your appetite throughout your day and promotes portion discipline.    

~Do the best you can to avoid “saving calories.”  When you restrict your food intake through the day you set yourself up for intense hungry pangs and typically over-indulgence come meal time.  Shoot for multiply small meals throughout your day and maintain energy balance.    

~Make sure you are fueling your body with enough calories during your day.  Strictly limiting your energy consumption sets you up for eminent gluttony and self-defeat.    

~Be prepared when you leave your abode.  Stock your desk drawer if you work outside the home, fill your car console with healthy options in case you get stuck in traffic and be sure to equip your lunch box with healthy, tummy satisfying choices.  Do not leave your food destiny up to anyone else except yourself for you are the one who will support yourself the best.    

~Drink your water from beginning to end.  Filling your tummy with water’s goodness will allow you to maintain a sense of fullness as you sit down to your evening meal.    

~Eat a great big salad before your nightly feast.  Chances are you will not be as hungry when you get to the main course, you’ll probably eat less and most likely not go back for seconds.

It’s up to you to place yourself in a position to achieve daily success.  The above tactics are not difficult to incorporate, nor do they cost you an arm or a leg to initiate into your healthy plan.  What they do require is that you take action to see them through to fruition, because without your diligent effort and persistence on a daily basis they will not weave themselves into your regular routine.

Your Coach ~ Deborah

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