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Eat Too Much???

Eat Too Much???

by Health and Well... on Fri, 02/11/2011 - 3:10pm

Dear Coastal Mommie;

It's my guess that there isn’t a single woman out there that hasn’t heard or read that the one cause of why women have too much weight on their stature, barring any medical issue of course, is because they eat too much food.  Period!

So why then is it so darn taxing to cut back on the intake of food?  Also known as: nosh, eats, fare, chow, rations, cuisine. Are you interested in some simple techniques that alter your eating habits, help you put less food on your plate and in turn shed some extra pounds. Below you will find some tips that are helpful when trying to cut back on your food servings:

~Water Up: this beverage works wonders to fill your tummy, aids in your ability to feel fuller and deters over-food consumption.  Drink water before, during and after meals.    

~Leave It: do the best you can to leave a little bit of your food on your plate at each meal.  Before you know it, it’ll all add up to you losing weight and getting closer to your goal of weight loss.    

~Brush Up: each time you finish a snack or mealtime go to the ladies room to brush & floss your teeth; it’ll deter further eating if you know you’ll have to brush & floss all over again.    

~Plate Power: smaller plates and bowls set the stage for smaller portion sizes.  Take a serving and do the very best you can to not allow yourself to go back for seconds.     

~Utensil Size: using smaller forks and spoons does the trick; it will take you longer to eat.  Try using soft boiled egg spoons and cocktail forks as alternative dining instruments.    

~Portion Punch: typically women over-estimate their portion sizes; so the next time you dole out your serving put a little bit back to accommodate for your self-generosity.      

~Sit Down: when it is time to eat be seated.  Do the best you can to simply eat your food and nothing else; turn off the TV, put down the book, no texting, phone calls or computer time.    

~It’s not a Race: slow down and you will end up eating less, enjoying what you are consuming and feeling more satisfied in the long run.

Will these changes arrive in your life with the snap of your fingers? No.  Are you fully capable of initiating the onset of these changes?  Absolutely; so get moving and weave the suggestions into your everyday life to set your stage for a lighter future.

Your Coach ~ Deborah

Nothing brings me greater pleasure in life than to assist women on their journey toward better health, weight loss and molding a lifestyle to one that meets their expectations.  Coaching women is a enormous passion of mine and I am completely honored to be able to assist each and every woman on their travels of a happy, organized, active, balanced lifestyle.  I coach real women who are willing to take real action and reap real results.  Visit my website today and let me help you work toward your wellness goals.
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