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Scout Mom of the Month: Kelly Engle Tippett

Scout Mom of the Month: Kelly Engle Tippett

by Jennifer Menster on Thu, 07/08/2010 - 2:52pm

This month's Scout Mom of the Month is Kelly Engle Tippett. Kelly has Scouting in her blood. Because she saw how well Scouts shaped her brother and uncle's lives, she knew her boys should be involved with the organization. And when Cub Scouts almost didn't exist in her community, she stepped up.

Kelly is involved with Pack 933. Read more about her and her sons' involvement in the Q&A below: 


Name: Kelly Engle Tippett

Age: 33

Residence: Vidalia, GA

Pack your involved in and how long:  Assistant Den Leader 2 yrs., CubMaster 1 yr.

Kelly, you mentioned your brother and uncle were both Eagle Scouts. Why was it important for you to continue the family tradition and have your sons involved in Scouts?

I have seen how the Scouting Program helped mold the men that my brother and uncle became.  Many of the values & qualities which I admire the most in them were taught & learned through Scouting. Earning their Eagle Scout gave my uncle & brother the confidence, core values, and leadership abilities to accomplish all that they have in their lives & become successful.  I am especially proud of my brother who is a veteran and Navy doctor saving the lives of front-line Marines fighting for our freedom.  He is always "prepared" for any situation- a lesson he first learned in Scouts!

However, Scouts almost didn’t happen in your community. Tell me a little bit about how you stepped up to help save Pack 933.

Our pack sort of fell apart last spring when our CubMaster stepped down as his son graduated to Boy Scouts.  Most of the pack graduated or quit, and we were left with only 2 leaders (one of these myself) and 7 Cubs (2 of these my sons).  Shortly after school started last fall, my middle son was asking when Cubs would start again.  I told him we had no leader, and I didn't know if we would have Cubs.  He had tears rolling down his sweet, little face as he told me how much Cub Scouts meant to him.  I called our district representative to get a better idea of the situation and ended up volunteering to lead the pack as CubMaster.  I was scared beyond words due to my lack of experience in Cub Scouts, but Scouting is important to me and my boys!  I took a leap of faith & didn't look back!  Even though we started late, we recruited through the fall and into winter and ended our Scout year with over 65 registered Cubs and 15 leaders.

What have you, personally, learned from your involvement in Scouts?

Being CubMaster this year for Pack 933, I learned to start where I was and work with what I had.  I guess that's probably the definition of resourcefulness!  I also learned that if I had determination and faith in myself and the capable people around me, I could accomplish ANYTHING!

How do you think the lessons your children learn through Scouts will help them in life?

The Scouting program teaches so many values that I personally hold dear.  I think the most important lessons that have been gained by my own sons through Cub Scouts have been confidence in themselves and family unity.

Why is it important for you as a mom to be involved with your children’s activities, such as Scouts?

By being involved in Cub Scouts with my boys, I get to be a part of all the great things my sons do and learn.  I get to see them progress, and hopefully they know that I volunteer because I love them and want to spend time with them!



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