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Scout Mom of the Month: Kristie Dombrowsky

Scout Mom of the Month: Kristie Dombrowsky

by Jennifer Menster on Tue, 06/01/2010 - 1:46pm

We have another Scout Mom that we'd like to recognize, Kristie Dombrowsky.

Kristie was nominated as Scout Mom of the Month for her work at the Jamborama last month. Cub Scout Pack 141, that Kristie is involved in, conducted an aluminum can drive and raised enough money to purchase 141 teddy bears. The stuffed animals will be given to area law enforcement and rescue/EMT agencies to give to kids in crisis situations.

Read more about Kristie and her involvement in Scouts in the Q&A below:

Name: Kristie Dombrowsky
Age: 35
Residence: Pembroke
How long have you been involved with Scouts/Any specific Packs:  We started Troop/Pack 141 August 2008.

Why did you first decide to get involved with Boy Scouts?
Our church, Emmanuel Community Church, needed a boys outreach program so we chose Boy Scouts of America.

What are some lessons that you personally have learned through Scouts that surprised you?
It is overwhelming the blessing we have received through teaching these boys. I have seen children transform from quite, shy, and times unruly to well behaved outgoing young men. Parents constantly thank us for giving our time to their children and teaching values, morals, and discipline.

Why do you think it’s important not just for young men to get involved with Scouts but their mothers too?
It is important for the mothers to be involved to show their children they support them and love them enough to be part of what they are interested in.

As you know, Boy Scouts is celebrating 100 years of Scouting. What is it about this particular organization that you believe has kept it around for so long?
Boy Scouts of America has honored the motto for all these years.  It teaches to do your best, be honest and trustworthy, to be loyal, to help other people, and to be courteous and kind, and most of all to be reverent to God.

What advice would you give to other moms on how you juggle work, life, kids, etc., and volunteering for Scouts?
Prioritize is the number one thing you have to do.  Make sure you are organized and dedicated to the success of your children.

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or Boy Scouts?
My children love being in scouts. We are able to do the activities as a family and support each other.  It helps us to draw closer to our children and learn their likes, dislikes and goals. 

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