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Healthy Mommies and Change

by Health and Well... on Thu, 09/24/2009 - 1:11am

Dear Lovely Mommy,

Living a healthy lifestyle and following a path of good nutrition is about making small changes that you can live with for the rest of your life.  You are traveling down a pathway that is filled with positive, well-rounded suggestions all of which are intended to enhance your well-being and increase the awareness in your life and the choices that you make on a daily basis.

There are numerous steps you can put into effect to ensure your continued success down your path of living well and taking wonderful care of yourself.  These strategies for living your best life will also enhance your ability to maintain a healthy weight.  Here are 10 wonderful habits that can bring about healthfulness and further happiness in your life.

~Hold yourself accountable for your actions by documenting your daily events and happenings.
~Be prepared by shopping and prepping your food, so that you are in the driver’s seat.
~Sit down and enjoy your food.  Take your time as you savor each delicious bite.
~Dress for success; increase your self-confidence and presence.
~Schedule yourself into your each and every day.  
~Take the time to exercise your sexy body on a regular basis.                                                                                  
~Learn to love your body.  Turn your flaws into perfection and adore your worldly temple.
~Travel with healthy snacks to enjoy along the way.  Set yourself up for success.
~Spend time with your girlfriends on a regular basis enjoying each other’s company.
~Be kind to yourself, remember it’s just fine to say “no,” and appreciate the moments of your day because you truly never know if you will be granted more.       

Everyday you have to make a conscious decision to take the steps to improve your lifestyle.  Be patient and kind to yourself; you can’t possibly change all your habits in one day, week or even an entire month.  Make a concerted effort each day to put your best foot forward and try to take the steps that will support your ideas and thoughts for your future.  

Your Coach ~ Deborah

Women's Health and Wellness Coach

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